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20th October 2016

PAWS Adoption Alert!

A very sad tale of this poor Spitz-Pom Mix. Owner was a young girl living alone after her parents died. She also committed suicide on around the date of 16 Oct. after she locked the Dog in her bedroom. The police were not able to enter and investigate as the Dog was extremely agitated.

At the request of the girl’s cousin and the police personnel present, PAWS Volunteer Yasmin brought the case to PAWS.

Yesterday we rescued the dog using an expert handler and deposited the dog at a crèche run by a Vet doctor in order to help the Dog get over his trauma.

PAWS had to spend ₹1500/- for handler and taxi fare plus ₹3,150/- for 7 days crèche stay. Of which, ₹2,000/- was borne by the unfortunate girl’s cousin. Net PAWS expense till now is, ₹2,650/-. In addition, another ₹1,000/- will be spent in sterilizing.

Urgent adoption required in few days, that is when this 3 yrs old male dog recovers from the trauma. Enquiries invited by WhatsApp to 9007493288.

No adoption charges for this sad case. But we shall be grateful if the proposed adopter pays us back about half the amount we spent.

Special note:
Some people have thought that the red marking on the floor is blood. It isn’t. It’s lipstick grabbed by the dog and smeared on the floor in anger.

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