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22nd November 2016

For public information and awareness.

A happy ending story :-

This 2 month old was found Marooned on top of a tea vendor’s stall beside teh busy Hatibagan crossing at North Kolkata. Someone had dumped him there and the tea vendor came along–tried to throw him off. PAWS son Shuvodeep Dutta was passing by on his bike and stopped the man immediately.

He purchased a basket right away for Rs. 120/- and slung the puppy home to our shelter with teh help of another friend.

The very next day, PAWS member Aradhana Das informed that her Mom had taken a fancy for the puppy, having seen him when he was temporarily kept at her house nearby while arrangements were being made.

So the puppy was slung back in the same basket by member Prasenjit Dutta and Shuvodeep on teh next morning and handed over to Aradhana. Happy ending almost.

But Aradhana is facing too much problem at home with her grown up Sheezhu female who’s constantly trying to bite him and he’s constantly trying to irritate her with his pranks.

This is to show Dog lovers that it takes a little bit of pain and patience to introduce one Dog to another. Dogs are not dolls. They are beings. Particularly the problem arises when there’s a generation gap–much akin to humans.

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