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6th October 2016

Kolkata adoption alert!

PAWS member Ritesh Chakrabarty at Haridevpur in South Kolkata writes about these beautiful Indies roaming on the streets searching for food. They must be house pets. Not a sign of fight or bite marks.


Two indies are abandoned near Haridevpur,exact location is Naskar Para. They were well maintained for sure,I was just passing by for pandal hopping,saw them searching for food,and also some known faces,gave a big marie biscuit packet to both of them,I had no other options at that time,there are also few street indies,don’t know what will happen to them if they are not adopted or fostered..if they are fostered,i can pay some shelter charges also per month..can anyone please find them a lovely forever home?

If anyone should know the owner, please inform to Ritesh at
[Phone]+91 98 04 449151;
[Phone]+91 90 73 346286;

Since they don’t seem to be familiar to roads, they are likely you get hit by cars. Adoption is highly desired. Anyone adopting them will enjoy one year of free medical advice from PAWS vet and free vaccines for one year.

These seem to be lab mixes actually and someone might have turned them out when the neighbour poked fun that they are not pure blooded.

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