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Adamas International School Visit to PAWS

Have a look at the children of Adamas International School, Barasat. They visited PAWS shelter accompanied by PAWS Secretary Lopamudra Dassarma Basu and donated 25 kg rice, antibiotics, gauge bandage etc. They spent some quality time with our dogs sheltered. Many thanks to them and the School Management who chose to give a touch of humanity to the curriculum by exposing young minds to the duties of humans. They set an example for the community and we hold them in high regard.

They belong to the Interact Club of Adamas International School that was formed on 16 Feb 2017, under the wings of Rotary Club of Calcutta Yuvis. The Club is made up of students aged between 12 -18 years. The Interact Club gives the opportunity to do community service, helps people to meet new friends and develop leadership skills and also the opportunity to strengthen their personal integrity. There are more than 20307 interact clubs across 159 countries.

Video of their visit at Channel PAWS:

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