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Animal lovers beware!!!

The black van is active again. Dogs are disappearing again from South Kolkata. We got news once again from Barasat, just 4-5 days back, a van load of dogs were dumped along Jessore Road. When that happens, many of them get run over by high speed traffic as they get disoriented. We’ve alerted the locals to inform us on next occasion so that we can drag the van to the police.

This dog crept into my housing on Jessore Road at Barasat that’s located within half km of where the van is reported to have dumped dogs just 4 days back. My stray dogs chased after him but came back without attacking. He’s a one year old male and has not eaten for some days. I told the guards not to drive him away and they agreed to give him some food.

If anyone should know this dog to have been displaced from somewhere, please come and claim him by calling me at 9830793993. To all read this, I request you to save the image, copy my comment from here and give it wide publicity. The dog is otherwise perfectly healthy and without injuries.

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