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Announcement to existing and frequent donors of PAWS!

Dear Frequent Donor, good morning from your PAWS.
In the PAWS member list on website, we want to show you all as ‘members’. You are already donating regularly/ frequently to PAWS. Why not then get enlisted officially and take the member benefits?
Getting enlisted from today doesn’t mean that your membership starts today.
You do not have to pay full annual membership dues again.
We have date wise records of what you already donated. You must also be having. If you haven’t ask us, we’ll e-mail you what you paid and when. That help we can offer provided your donations have reached us in a manner that your names are traceable against the donations.
Please choose your category of membership that you want to take. We’ll sum up your previous donations and let you know how much more you have to pay now to complete your annual subscription from the date when you donated first.
You must appreciate that we’ve to go by the rules of Societies Registration Act and anyone that we call as ‘members’ will have to sign in a member’s register with KYC details. Instead of a physical register, we’re using a web based register that All will be able to see in a limited manner without any info that is considered as vital ‘personal details’ bring visible to public.
Will you therefore please enter your nominal KYC on our website form? What will be visible to public, you can see from the following link.
To fill in the form, please see

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