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Welcome prospective members! PAWS opens its arms to Associate and Ordinary Members as per definition in Memorandum of Association.

Joining PAWS has advantages. It can be YOUR NGO one day. You could be elected to the governing body. PAWS, unlike other NGOs is INCLUSIVE. Public participation influences management. Getting animals treated through PAWS gets the animal and you a better deal from existing NGOs hospitals, simply because of the credibility of PAWS.

Attractive member benefits committed. However, all benefits take effect only after one month from the date of approval of membership.

Membership Benefits

1) Member benefits will be as tabulated on the side for each category of member.

2) Prevailing rates in the market being ₹2,000-3000 per case of accident or illness treatment and ₹1,500-2000 per sterilization, you pay much lesser through your discounted rates.

Please go through the Terms & Conditions before applying for membership

Member Categories Offer Rates (Rs.) as per Type of Case (Stray Animals)
Sterilization Illness/Accident-Rescue & Treatment
Discounted Cases/ Month Rate Discounted Cases/ Month Rate
General 2 1200 5 1200
Silver 3 1050 4 1050
Gold 5 900 3 900
Platinum 8 800 2 800
Premium 10 750 1 750

Apply for PAWS Membership

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please choose a general category membership of ₹1200/- per year. After that you’re free to donate any extra amounts you want during any month as per capacity, but that’s not mandatory at all.

Let PAWS work for many more animals than you individually can care for. Let PAWS have financial strength to do it by having subscription paying members. Being a member doesn’t make you a salaried rescue worker.

PAWS may ask for physical presence for rescues. But that depends on whether you’re free or not. That’s the beauty of membership. If you can’t, then someone else can. 

We don’t have the staff to follow-up monthly subscription. And validity of the membership is for one year.

Answer: At this time we do not have staff to go around collecting signatures of prospective members on the ECS Mandate Form that we must queue up at the Bank to submit as and when some forms are signed up. That is a huge commercial operation done by Lending Agencies.

However, you may give a Standing Instruction (SI) to your Bank for transferring the monthly amounts to PAWS Account if you have applied for Gold Membership or above ie. for monthly amounts of ₹ 500/- or above. But we shall need such bank certified SI in original to be posted to us by Speed Post or Courier to our Operations Address at C/O. Adv. Ritesh Basu, Office of ‘Taxmen’, 5 K. B. Basu Road (first floor), Barasat, Kolkata-700 124.

Note: In case the SI gets cancelled from your end before the expiry of you annual membership, we shall have to cancel your membership after a waiting period of 1 month.

PAWS will provide you free consultation with our Legal Assistant Intern under PAWS Scheme of

Legal Action Consulting Cell against Cruelty to Animals (LACCCA) and free drafting of legal complaints that will reduce your lawyer’s fees. We shall coordinate with your local Police after understanding your case and drafting you a Police Complaint that you must file. PAWS will also help you collect donations from sympathetic who want to donate for your case, to help you cover legal costs. But all that help will be possible if you are not found charged with evidence for offenses that may be committed from your side. PAWS cannot bear the responsibility of defending your breaking the law of the land under any circumstances, even if that be for the cause of animals or their welfare.

 If you are a PAWS member within the present zone of influence of PAWS, we are committed to give you the benefits. But the benefits do NOT include transport of the Animal.

A) You get help of vehicle arrangement by PAWS @ ₹12/- per km, from 10am to 8pm, chargeable for total km run garage to garage from Barasat if you want to get treatment done at PAWS shelter. Or you may use vehicle arranged by you.

B) You communicate with PAWS via WhatsApp for verification of your case. You get medical advisory from consultant Vet of PAWS free of cost, buy medicines, pay your local Paravet, undertake treatment at your place.

Anything extra spent for that treatment over the discounted rate will be reimbursed to you upon submission of claim form and original medicine bills/ signed statement from Paravet with his contact number/ address.

PAWS benefit is just like an insurance policy in which the ONLY profits go directly into the bellies of animals.

Processing paper forms needs a lot of time and labour, both for the applicant as well as PAWS. At this time we have no other option. If you know someone who has this problem, you can please help him/ her to complete the application formality.

As per Indian Laws, only citizens of India (NRI or OCI) can be members of a Society registered under Societies Registration Act of a State in India such as PAWS. Hence, if you are an NRI or OCI, you may be a member; it does not matter where you live.

 You can designate a Resident Indian friend or relative to coordinate with us for obtaining your member benefits for his/ her cases or cases of other people for regarding whom he/ she will remain as an intermediary in interactions related to treatments or dealings related to same. That means you can directly act through him/ her in treatments of animals in the PAWS zones of operation even though you are thousands of miles away in another country. What’s a better way to serve the animals in your country?

You apply with Rs. 100/- per month membership and email our Governing Body to and whatsapp to 9007493288 to state the reasons why you consider yourself eligible for free membership. If we agree to offer you free membership, you will be notified through the welcome email that will be sent to you.

You will NOT get those benefits for treatment and sterilization and you will NOT get voting rights n PAWS General Body to have your say in PAWS Policy Matters. But what you will get is PAWS support in showing you the way how you can change the way people around you look at animals. You will get free medical advice from PAWS Consultant Vet Doctor. And, as your DUTY, you will have to serve animals around you on behalf of PAWS, for which PAWS will reimburse your costs subject to terms and conditions.