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16th January 2017

We successfully rehomed this gentle GR Dog who’s a mobile maniac and loves soft music. She’s Ivy, abandoned on the road for a skin disease that had caused all her fur to disappear. She was rescued several months back by a medical student who kept her in his college hostel and cured her with long … Read more

30th November 2016

Kolkata adoption alert! Alice is a 2 and a half month old female Indie pup who needs a home. Her vaccination course would be completed shortly and she is toilet trained. An extremely gentle and lovable little one, who needs a loving family. She would be left on the streets since the person who is … Read more

30th November 2016

PAWS Adoption: Owner at Kolkata writes… “I have a 2 yrs old german spitz male dog in my family, comprising me & my husband. Not able to give time to the dog. We want to give him for adoption. Thanking You, Regards, Mrs. Debarati Mukherjee.” Point of contact, Prasenjit Dutta, WhatsApp 9007493288. PAWS Adoption facilitation … Read more

22nd November 2016

For public information and awareness. A happy ending story :- This 2 month old was found Marooned on top of a tea vendor’s stall beside teh busy Hatibagan crossing at North Kolkata. Someone had dumped him there and the tea vendor came along–tried to throw him off. PAWS son Shuvodeep Dutta was passing by on … Read more

16th November 2016

Urgent adoption appeal at Kolkata!!! Two month old male puppy who we’d got adopted is in acute distress. The Manipuri girls who adopted him so eagerly have abused him through neglect and unclean conditions in the house. Now they are unwilling to keep the puppy any more. The puppy has developed some minor skin … Read more

7th November 2016

UPDATE Cum BREAKING NEWS:- The most controversial baby Vutta, finally adopted byRuma Mukherjee and her family. Thanks to Nilanjana basu for arranging everything. PAWS rescued him on a heavy rainy day from Amherst slum are and gave him shelter. After rescuing him paws arranged all necessary treatment, proper medical check-up, medicines, good foods, and lots … Read more

2nd November 2016

This traumatised male Spitz needs a home urgently. His original owner had committed suicide in front of him and after that he has gone through 2 owners. Currently he’s in a temporary home but needs to be moved to a permanent home. Contact Prasenjit Dutta (9007493288 – WhatsApp)

28th Oct 2016

The PAWS Puppy Project!!! Now that we’re going to have a puppy museum, we need people to take turns in visiting the Shelter to play with the puppies and train them to basic commands of “sit”, “stay” and “beg” sort of thing and play “Fetch” with them with a ball, walking them on the road … Read more