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Adamas International School Visit to PAWS

Have a look at the children of Adamas International School, Barasat. They visited PAWS shelter accompanied by PAWS Secretary Lopamudra Dassarma Basu and donated 25 kg rice, antibiotics, gauge bandage etc. They spent some quality time with our dogs sheltered. Many thanks to them and the School Management who chose to give a touch of … Read more Adamas International School Visit to PAWS

Procedure to follow against brutal ROADKILLS

Roadkill. The term itself vibrates our spines. These incidents are increasing in alarming rate throughout the city. For us, the Animal Lovers, these incidents are not less than a Murder. These types of incidents often happens infront of our eyes, but very few of us really know the complete procedure of action in these matters, … Read more Procedure to follow against brutal ROADKILLS

Ramanathapuram Mandai Naai puppy

Folks, just look at this ‘Ramanathapuram Mandai Naai puppy’! Look at this outstanding video made by Baarath Mani and look at your own roadside puppies that are identical to this boy ‘Tasha’. Do our dogs deserve to die beside the drains? Be Indian, Bark Indian! -Read and let others read. To receive these messages, … Read more Ramanathapuram Mandai Naai puppy