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বাচ্চাদের অ-য় অজগর আসছে তেড়ে শেখাচ্ছেন?

বাচ্চাদের অ-য় অজগর আসছে তেড়ে শেখাচ্ছেন? অজগর তো বুঝলাম। ‘আসছে তেড়ে’ না বললেই নয়? অযথা ভয় দেখান হচ্ছে না কি শিশু মন কে? খামোখা তেড়ে আসে না কি? Website: -পড়ুন ও পড়ান।

Prevent Cruelty to animals!!!

It’s happening everywhere at Kolkata, every minute. People inflicting cruelty address actually very few, but very bold. Why? Because the vast majority don’t care. Because the animal lovers are afraid to open their mouths or feel outnumbered by the haters. At Kolkata, if just 5 people stand on the street and shout for something, they … Read more

কে শোনে কার কথা?

কে শোনে কার কথা? জন্তুদের কথা ভেবে কি মানুষের আনন্দ মাটি করা যায় নাকি? জন্তুদের ক্ষতি হলে আমরা কি করতে পারি? জন্তুদের তো সরকার দেখবে, তাই না? পশুপাখি বেঁচে থেকে কি বা লাভ? মেরা ভারত মহান পশু হোক অবসান

Slaughtering for food is not crime as per the law

Slaughtering for food is not crime as per the law. But cruel treatment of living animals is crime. Unless customers object and move away from such shops whom you see receiving chicken from such suppliers, this evil will continue. If you take such a supplier to the police, other traders will gang up against … Read more

Fate of a violator of animal rights

That’s the fate of a violator of animal rights when he assaults an animal lover. To animal lovers, we say, “Please be bold and face assault for the babies you care for, just like the way you would protect your human child. So what if the laws protecting animals are weak? You can stand strong … Read more

Just like people write “Beware of Dog”

Just like people write “Beware of Dog” on their doors, they write “Advocate”, “Police”, “High Court”, “Port”, “Customs” and what not on their cars and bikes. Haven’t seen that on bicycles as yet. But to top it all, I saw today, “Hajj Yatri” written on one car. Let’s start writing “Animal Lover”. That’ll show our … Read more

Animal lovers beware!!!

The black van is active again. Dogs are disappearing again from South Kolkata. We got news once again from Barasat, just 4-5 days back, a van load of dogs were dumped along Jessore Road. When that happens, many of them get run over by high speed traffic as they get disoriented. We’ve alerted the locals … Read more

Fantastic info on distemper and its treatment

Sometimes, some dogs can survive the affliction of canine distemper (CD) if treated at the right time and with the right care and dedication. Below are some known steps to help them fight the infection: – After catching the infection and showing symptoms of CD (twitching, internal pain and persistent yelping/whining), if the dog is … Read more