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Fantastic info on distemper and its treatment

Sometimes, some dogs can survive the affliction of canine distemper
(CD) if treated at the right time and with the right care and

Below are some known steps to help them fight the infection:

– After catching the infection and showing symptoms of CD (twitching, internal pain and persistent yelping/whining), if the dog is able to and wants to eat, it is good news. Feeding them foods (like non-veg items) in “great quantities” will help improve their immune system (WBCs) to fight the virus. The feeding will have to be repeated 4 to 5 times a day provided the dog is wanting to eat that much.

-Additionally it is required to mix “Vitamin C” tablets in their food
which also helps boost immunity. Depending on the condition/severity of the infection, multiple tablets (after due consultation with a vet) can be given.

-“Distemperinum” is a well-known and effective homeopathic remedy that is known to help canines overcome canine distemper (at early stages), giving it every 2 hours (four to five drops per time) either putting inside their mouth or mixing with food.

“Distemperinum” is available in several homeopathic outlets. They are also available at cheaper prices from an outlet in “Grant Road,
Mumbai.” The store will have to to be intimated either one or two days in advance so that they can “prepare” the medicine for their customers beforehand. Their contact- 02222095510 (Name: Zorastrian HomeopathicPharmacy)

Many canine distemper sufferers can and have survived the infection with the right care and medication. Please consider sharing the info with all those concerned.

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