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Indian dogs will soon disappear from the country

Indian dogs will soon disappear from the country and will go extinct if 22K+ people here in Animal Lover forums don’t start acting as people are doing in other cities.

With all my resources amongst high profile animal activists across the country I feel powerless to do anything to prevent that from happening. Burrabazar is the news hub of Kolkata. My recent communication with people there tells me everything that we suspected about dog meat and skin to be true. Truck loads of dogs are going to Nagaland with official patronage as I’m told. No one can stop those trucks. Not even road blocks by police if you happen to have a solid lead and tip off the police. Those trucks ram through any vehicle or barrier. Plus there’s news of supplies to the zoo!

The policies being cleverly framed to clean our streets of dogs. Garbage compactors are taking away their food right under their noses as I see them each day, looking at the large machines with hapless eyes.

Therefore, unless we save their puppies actively and adopt at homes, there’s really no hope. Healthy adults as well need to be saved by spreading words of kindness in the community rather than on FB. Animal Lovers need to invest in sterilization of adults on the road and adopt their existing puppies without sterilization.

Import of eurobreed dogs has been banned recently. It will have an effect in the market. With the purebred dogs dying off at the breeders, there is bound to be a rejection of half breeds by the customers. Just like certain businesses die away with time, the breeding and selling business will then become economically unviable as the cream that lies in importing pure breed will not be there.

Then will come the day when people will look at your handsome Indian dogs at home and ask for puppies. That’s the only way Indian dogs will live on this earth.

Those who have one or two Indian or eurobreed dogs, please take in another one or two. For your holidays, don’t worry. Leave them at a creche. But keep them at home. Spend that small amount of money occasionally and consider that you are staying at a hotel slightly above your budget to cover the cost of creche.

PAWS will soon launch a mega creche for 100 dogs at rates cheaper than the market to ease your problems of dealing with more dogs at home.

There is simply no other way to save them.

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