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2 thoughts on “LOVE N CARE FOR ANIMALS”

  1. There is a street dog suffering from injury.. Condition is not good.. please attend and take care of it if you can.. Location is 1 BK Pal Avenue Kolkata – 700005.. landmark: beside power house.. This is 5 mins from sovabajar metro station

    • Standard reply to help requests:
      First things first. We need your full name and location please.

      Next, we need a full description in writing about what is the problem and what help you need, what you know about the animal. Please don’t send recorded voice clips. We don’t have time to listen to audios.

      Next, we need a 2 min long descriptive video of the problem. You should not shake or swing the camera. We want to observe the movements of the animal and not your camera. The affected parts of the body must be visible in the video.

      And finally, we want to know your willingness to pay for the costs if we can arrange any help. We can only quote the cost once we understand your case and decide whether we can take it or not.


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