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PAWS Puppy Project

We are flooded with puppy rescue calls from all over Kolkata and we’re extremely distressed to find ways and means to save these puppies whose moms have been killed by people.

We know well that if someone looks after these puppies for up to 3-4 months, they’ll make very well trained dogs that can compete with any eurobreed Dog. It’s not easy for many people to bring up newborn puppies to that age as it requires lot of mothering and cleaning.

Therefore PAWS Board has decided to take up the challenge of housing 20 puppies for whom we’ve received help cries from People who have saved them but can’t keep them.

We shall nurture them and train them, vaccinate them. We shall make them ready as adorable house pets. We need people to please have pity on them and come forward to adopt them. We shall charge nothing for them but expect that you will pay us a refundable booking money of Rs. 500/- for a puppy that you wish to adopt. The amount would be returned to you in cash when you take the puppy home at a time in the next few months when we are ready to deliver. It’s just to retain your interest in the puppy.

This is for a feeler only and actual pics will be posted in update of the 1st lot of 5 puppies that we have received yesterday.

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