Adopt a Desi Dog from PAWS and feel proud as an Indian
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Please do not message us asking for breed dogs for free adoption.

Dear Readers of PAWS publications,
If you’ve seen our works displayed on our website, you’ll know we are not breeders or sellers of dogs and we do not have a gallery or showcase. If you’re looking for a breed dog, they come to us ONLY when abandoned by your ‘humans’ or put up for adoption. Surely you’ll not wish more dogs to come to us that way. Please keep your eyes on our FB page and PAWS Community Group on FB to see adoption alerts for abandoned breed dogs. And mind you, puppies are NOT abandoned, because so called pet lovers want to play with them. They abandon them when their games are over. You can’t get a breed dog for free–not even from us, unless it is in such condition that it needs medical expenses and you are kind enough to adopt it and give it a good quality of life. That too, we do not give to people who need dogs as show case objects.

We however suggest that you go for a Desi Dog this time and have an experience that you’ll cherish life long. We have plenty of highly domesticated and adoptable Indian dogs and puppies whose mothers have been KILLED by ‘humans’ or they have been handicapped due to human torture. They are perfectly capable of living well with their handicap, but live where? A shelter is not for lifetime. They die in captivity after a few months or years. At homes, they flourish and grow long furs like foreign dogs. But unlike foreign dogs, they do not usually need a doctor.

Would you not like to earn some blessings by adopting one or two of those?

Indians are most adapted to our climate. Before you choose your Breed Dog, please first choose the genetic diseases you would prefer to treat through the life time of the dog. Indian dogs have only ONE disease. Hunger for food and love. Little less food and more of love will also do.

Be Indian, Bark Indian…
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Come and join our club, the club of proud Indians, the club where John Abraham, Raveena Tandon, Priyanka Chopra, Debasri Roy, Anju Mahendru, MS Dhoni and Rahul Gandhi are members.


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