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Prevent Cruelty to animals!!!

It’s happening everywhere at Kolkata, every minute. People inflicting cruelty address actually very few, but very bold. Why? Because the vast majority don’t care. Because the animal lovers are afraid to open their mouths or feel outnumbered by the haters. At Kolkata, if just 5 people stand on the street and shout for something, they get what they want.

PAWS needs more and more members to join us so that we can equip them with member ID cards and provide a member manifesto to all PS that are local to such members. Such rogues need to be marginalized. Can you imagine a cruel rogue beating the dogs if just 5 local members of PAWS stepped into the scene with ID badges? It’s just impossible for him to continue.

PAWS aims to strike such terror in their minds that the rogues will say, “Kutta Ko mat mar, PAWS a jayega“.

To be or not to be, is to be decided by public. Public to judge and understand whether PAWS is for profit or professional approach to animal welfare.

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