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Procedure to follow against brutal ROADKILLS

Roadkill. The term itself vibrates our spines. These incidents are increasing in alarming rate throughout the city. For us, the Animal Lovers, these incidents are not less than a Murder. These types of incidents often happens infront of our eyes, but very few of us really know the complete procedure of action in these matters, and thus, we often find us in a helpless condition to stand beside that beautiful gift of God, who lost his life in some recklessness of inhuman-humans.

So, please go through the following points of procedure of Action, so that when any such incident happens, we all can stand-by those voiceless animals:


  1. Use this as a format for FIR request. Click here to download.
  2. Preserve the body in thermocol box packed with ice, write the letter and go to PS with the packed body.
  3. Driver will not be arrested. It’s not cognizable offense.
  4. Police will have to file a case and court will order arrest.
  5. must file the complaint and mail us the stamped receipted copy. It will help in documentation against police inaction.
  6. Please name the persons who disposed the body. The police will have to question them. If they don’t do that, police inaction will be clearly proved.
  7. If Disposal is done by the Driver himself, it must be mentioned. This is an even more heinous crime. Wiping out evidence.
  8. Action will be at Court. After giving reasonable time to Police, you must file a case under Cr.Pc. 156(3). That will shake up the police.
  9. Filing the case will take a maximum of ₹2-5000/-. Don’t worry about the expenses. Many animal lovers will contribute once you take the step.

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