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Secretary: Prasenjit Dutta – Civil Engineering Manager at Pvt. Consultancy Firm & Animal Rights Activist of People For Animals-NGO

Prasenjit Datta is an Honorary Animal Welfare Officer-AWBI and is an Animal Rights Activist of People For Animals-NGO of Hon. Union Minister Smt. Maneka Gandhi. 
. Having rescued one stray dog from the streets and kept him as the most be; loved a pet, his life has changed 6 yrs back. The rescued dog, named lovingly as Bhulo Dutt, has inspired him to do something significant for the Indian dogs dying on the streets by launching a slogan of “Be Indian, Bark Indian” on social media and from there started his journey in animal welfare. Other than representing animals in cases involving cruelty to animals, first as an ordinary citizen, then as an activist of PFA and presently as an appointee of Animal Welfare Board of India, he continuously works towards empowering and enabling animal lovers to stand up for the cause of animals of all species. It took him 3 yrs to form the idea of commencing an NGO with a difference and has spearheaded the formation of PAWS by collecting together capable and like minded individuals to hold the positions of the PAWS Governing Body and from there started the movement of PAWS. Being the think tank of PAWS, he is constantly involved in ideas and schemes to use technology and economics to improve the life of animals and exploring ways and means to influence and sensitize the public towards animals.
His brief credentials are as follows:
  • Creator of the Bhulo Dutt page at to popularize Indian dogs as pets so that people stop hating them.
  • Owner of the FB Group  Kennel Club of Indians that showcase happy Indian dogs at happy Indian homes, so that people feel proud of owning Indian dogs.
  • Honorary Animal Welfare Officer-AWBI
  • Animal Rights Activist of People For Animals-NGO of Hon. Union Minister Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi.
  • Treasurer cum Coordinator of PAWS.

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