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Think again before castrating a male stray dog!

Androgens and estrogens are hormones. Estrogens are produced by the body in greater amounts in females. They are necessary for normal sexual development of the female and for regulation of the menstrual cycle during the childbearing years.

Androgens are produced by the body in greater amounts in males.

What exactly does all that crap mean?

There's maleness and feminity in all mammals, humans included.

If androgens are predominant, the he's male. If estrogens are stronger, she's female. Which also means, if androgens suddenly become absent in males, estrogens will become more prominent. Female smells and temperament will rule.

That's exactly why male dogs become docile when they are castrated. If previously the dog used to be boisterous and aggressive, he just tones down and becomes decent. He continues preserving his physical personality by virtue of his large size that usually is the case of dominant Alfa males.

What happens if you castrate a male who's originally docile that means, having some dominance of estrogens?

Yes, those are the girlish boys amongst dogs, just like there are some such amongst humans. Sterilized females become boyish females and we all know the ruthlessness of tomboy females amongst humans.

Sterilized females can't tolerate Sterilized males unless such a male has enough size and strength of jaws. For them, size matters and strength is everything else that matters.

The Sterilized males get driven out from their own territories by their Sterilized female mates unless they are all strictly bound by ba code of behaviour enforced by a strong mentor/ feeder who can keep almost hourly watch over their activities.

They die of hunger usually if they can't grab food in territories of others.
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