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ব্যাংকে আছে ২৩,০০০ টাকা।হেড প্যারভেট মানিক বালার বিয়ে ৩ ফেব্রুয়ারী। ওর বকেয়া মাইনে ₹৩০,০০০ টাকা। দিতে পারবোনা। এডভান্স চায় ৩০,০০০ আরও। দিতে পারবোনা।অনন্ত তার স্ত্রীর অপারেশনের জন্য ৫৬,০০০ লোন নিয়ে রেখেছে PAWS এর কাছে। এই মর্মে আপিলের সারা পাওয়া গেছে মাত্র কয়েক হাজার। অনন্ত আর কুকুর তুলতে যেতে পারবেনা। ছুটি নিয়ে বসে আছে।এম্বুলেন্স দাঁড়িয়ে থাকবে।মানিক দা, লোপা দি, প্রসেনজিৎ দা বলে আর কেউ কল করবেন না "কুকুর মরে যাচ্ছে" বলে।PAWS বন্ধ হতে চলেছে। ডোনেশনের লিংকও আর দিয়ে লাভ নেই বোধহয়, তাই দিলাম না। ... See MoreSee Less
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Dear animal lovers,PAWS was your hospital because you cannot run hospitals at your homes. What you pay as case donations pays for the treatments by 43% ONLY. The rest used to come from your post shares and sympathetic donations from your friends.If you don't share, the 57% doesn't come. That's why PAWS is closing down from today onwards. ... See MoreSee Less
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PAWS care visible, even if there's none to pay. Admitted, means patient will be treated. But PAWS is not in any condition to admit patients now.#caseno827, 17/01/21 'Gunjan', female Indian Shepherd Dog mix of 6+ yrs from Ganjimill, Nandagarh Municipal Market, Barasat, admitted with hip injury and in critical condition after lying there on the road for 7 days.Update, 17/01/21 evening during doctor's visit:She's alive! That's the most important Update. She wasn't supposed to live after spending 7 days at the road side. Immediate medication upon arrival saved her life. But she's not out of danger. Fortunately routine schedule of doctor's visit coincided with her admission and considered prescription has been received.Condition as received: Absolutely dehydrated and critically subnormal temperature. She was fighting for her life, barely conscious and just about breathing.Mentor: Policeman Guddu Lama from Barasat Police Station who informed our Prasenjit Dutta on the night of 16/01/21 that the dog was wailing in pain and then showed no interest. Later on another mentor Dr. Abdul Sayed was identified during rescue by PAWS ambulance and PD when the bazaar people were witness to PD picking up the dog with own hands because of staff shortage.The rescue:It wasn't possible to pickup the dog last night because PD can't move from his office before 11pm each night and no local person known to him could find the dog.Today morning when going to his office PD decided to look for the dog. After asking around, the dog was found lying in front of shops and covered fully with a gunny sack that people had placed over her so that she could die peacefully.Estimated cost, if she remains Alive through 48 hrs: (Severity High).1) Ambulance Pickup and Release trip: Rs. 1502) Sheltering and Treatment through 30 days: Rs. 3,000Total: Rs. 3,150.Donation Receipt: Nothing at all. PD has appealed to Bazar Samiti to contribute.Shortfall: Rs. 3,150.Kind donors are requested to keep on donating so as to keep PAWS capable of treating animals with utmost care even for unpaid cases and also to cover the huge expense of Rs. 2.5 lacs per month for running a 100 dog/ cat capacity shelter that is kept equipped with most necessary gadgets and medicines, also now set to increase to 150.Payments/ Donation to PAWS can be done in 5 ways, described at our website #animaltherapy #maggotwound#animalrights#helpanimals #fightanimalcruelty #animalbirthcontrol #animalsurgery#adoptdontshop ... See MoreSee Less
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