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Adamas International School Visit to PAWS

Have a look at the children of Adamas International School, Barasat. They visited PAWS shelter accompanied by PAWS Secretary Lopamudra Dassarma Basu and donated 25

Procedure to follow against brutal ROADKILLS

Roadkill. The term itself vibrates our spines. These incidents are increasing in alarming rate throughout the city. For us, the Animal Lovers, these incidents are

Ramanathapuram Mandai Naai puppy

Folks, just look at this ‘Ramanathapuram Mandai Naai puppy’! Look at this outstanding video made by Baarath Mani and look at your own roadside

PAWS seeks to sensitize mosques

PAWS seeks to sensitize mosques towards the street dog population by delivering to them the following letter Letter to Mosques_02.05.2017 We will ask the entire

Even Virat Kohli couldn’t Escape

  Thats Virat Kohli. Even he couldnt escape the charm of our Indian dogs. Each one, take one home. Spread the message.

Warning! Graphic and horrific content

Warning! Graphic and horrific content. This is why we fight cruelty to animals. To root out the evil humans who will not hesitate to brutalize

Why does a dog bite?

1) Because it’s a natural form of expression for him. 2) When he bites he usually feels no remorse for his deed because he knows

PAWS action against cruelty!

In March-April 2015, PAWS member Prasenjit Dutta, then acting with the Authority reposed on him by President of People For Animals, had filed an FIR

Prevent Cruelty to animals!!!

It’s happening everywhere at Kolkata, every minute. People inflicting cruelty address actually very few, but very bold. Why? Because the vast majority don’t care. Because

কে শোনে কার কথা?

কে শোনে কার কথা? জন্তুদের কথা ভেবে কি মানুষের আনন্দ মাটি করা যায় নাকি? জন্তুদের ক্ষতি হলে আমরা কি করতে পারি? জন্তুদের তো সরকার দেখবে,

Slaughtering for food is not crime as per the law

Slaughtering for food is not crime as per the law. But cruel treatment of living animals is crime. Unless customers object and move away

Fate of a violator of animal rights

That’s the fate of a violator of animal rights when he assaults an animal lover. To animal lovers, we say, “Please be bold and face

Just like people write “Beware of Dog”

Just like people write “Beware of Dog” on their doors, they write “Advocate”, “Police”, “High Court”, “Port”, “Customs” and what not on their cars and

Animal lovers beware!!!

The black van is active again. Dogs are disappearing again from South Kolkata. We got news once again from Barasat, just 4-5 days back, a